Photo & Video

8mm Tapes

I personally felt a certain urge to indulge in working with video form, i wanted to directly work with in a way which is intimate and personal. A device solely for the purpose of shooting videos. I came across a few handycam footages, and i fell for it. I remembered as a kid, i used one such handycam at a sister’s wedding. The handycam were expensive in its time and i precisely know the reason why i didn’t own one. My aunt had one, that she used to capture such family gatherings.

I quickly enquired about it a while back, and happened that the same Sony Handycam is possibly still working and is in good condition. I got it couriered, found a local service center, and got the handycam working.

It has been a few months that i have it now, compiled here are few samples from the device. Personally i am enjoying the overall experience of the medium and the device itself, i have still not figured out its complete use in my practice but i don’t mind exploring it and shoot with for as long as possible. In a very personal sense, it’s a self exploration of sorts. As a creator, i completely understand how the device is overpowering in its own self, almost exploitative to stretch and say so in a way that a lot of things that shot on it would work irrespective of the quality of the content or narrative. Which is a constant debate up for grabs, personally to have.

Having said so, i am very much aware of it and still working directly in a way to see if at all i can have a good balance somewhere. The experience has been very satisfying so far and i see myself exploring it further in present and future tense as well. Somehow for me the device through the form acts as a bridge to my past and present self, indulging in it gives me a certain sense of clarity to my own present being.

Compiled here are few footages. Shot on a sony handycam, using a 8mm Hi8 Video tape. The footages then are
transferred / exported/ recorded as a digital copy using a USB Screen grabber device with the help of an open source video editing software named VirtualDub.