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Go Home

Go Home (Working Title)
work in progress

After witnessing a tragic & unfortunate death of my father in front of me, life has never been the same again.

How a simple act and joy of recording in present could eventually become a pain of the past and a potential reality of the future.

Currently, i have arrived to an understanding. Where home is at the roots of everything who i am. A constant longing for home, has shaped me the most than anything i can think about. The experience of death, and loss. My own belief that one should move out of home a little bit a time, but return often. That moon is where one should ideally be after death.

I believe that my fascination towards chasing the idea of time, memory and spaces act as a core foundation towards a certain understanding of the world i live in.

Are we all Doomed already ??

(Please Note : The presentation & text by no means is complete in its sense, it is a very rough edit from a recent time put together for this application purpose)