In Print

My father worked in textile field for 12-15 years. Starting with working as a wilcom designer, for my uncle’s textile firm, mainly catering to machine embroidered sarees.

However in 4-5 years, my father went ahead and started his own small print business, with the idea of servicing to a personalized print market. Mainly his work would cater to corporate gift items, like branding on stationary items such as ID cards, badges, caps, tshirts etc. While he would have a set of retail clients as well, who would want to personalize something in print for an event or a gift with a printed photo collage on a mug or a tshirt and other such merchandise.

After i returned from dubai, i started exploring the photography medium and figuring out options to sustain myself through the medium. After few years of failed attempts, i eventually decided to get involved in my father’s print practice and help him structure it for modern times. I felt to give it a try, since the idea was to have a different source of income seperated from my direct creative practice. In return hoping for a better working Balance.

January, 2017 saw my father’s unfortunate accidental death, meaning his work was the only thing left to attend to. After deciding to work and manage his setup for a few months i shall conclude whether to continue or set out doing something new on my own. Since, i am mainly selftaught in almost all print services even during his presence, i was not sure that i would be able to manage the workflow. The only idea was to finish his half done jobs, so that philosophically he could rest in peace.

Today, after almost a couple of years to attending his work and setup i somewhere have been settled within. That a lot of things in experience have suggested, my association towards printing is only organic and to an extent my father’s gift to me.

I’ve currently for application purposes, compiled few of my last and current on going print attempts using various printing techniques. In present, i am working towards with a idea of having small publication skills as well as resources for a certain foundation keeping future in mind. While i am trying to get better with printing skills related to textile, i am slowly moving to paper as well. I see manual silk-screening to be at the core of my working ideologies, and other modern tools/techniques supporting it.

Written In Memory of late Deepak Dhakan (1960-2017)