Letter of Intent

When i first came across the poster, it felt exciting to read about the idea of Seeing difficult films together, that too over a period of one week. However it be, to be able to settle in a space with that very idea felt pretty refreshing. 

Moving forward, i read names of the filmmakers. All of which i have came across and read about for the very first time. Ofcourse, eventually i would want to indulge in their works individually, since now i have read about. But with the help of this workshop and the kind of environment it promises to have, i would be more than happy to be exposed through it. I imagine, it would be a collective effort to sit through and consume amidst like minded people around. Somewhere i also understand it’s value, and the precise reason to apply also.

Later, i was also inspired by the space CONA has to offer. I went through their foundations and ideologies, and i was pretty inspired by its functioning. The workshop would also help me to somewhere consume spaces that CONA is sharing with people around.